60-Seconds with Chateau Montelena

Anne Banfield from Chateau Montelena joins WineBags.com today to discuss why they use wine bags & totes for their branding and promotional uses.

#1 You decided to go with a full color, woven polypropylene 100% custom reusable bag, I never asked you before but what exactly were they for?

They were for a wine club event to give to our club members.  What better advertising than a bag you can use everywhere!

#2 What was the first impression you received from the bags?  Did you get any feedback from your internal team? Customers?

We loved them, the team as a whole loved them (and wanted one!) and our customers think they’re great!

#3 Do you yourself use the bag? If so, what do you use the bag for?

I use mine all the time.  I’m a big fan of bringing them to the grocery store and I make sure to use this one every time so that it can be seen.

#4 Would you recommend a “woven polypropylene” reusable bag to other wineries looking to “build & promote their brand”?

I’d recommend one of these bags to ANY business for promotion.  It’s really a “no-brainer”.

#5 Chateau Montelena is very active in social media. How critical is having a social media strategy for any winery small or large?

Social media is the way of now and the immediate future.  Going forward, there will be some new technology to keep up with the times.  It is extremely important to maintain the status of an existing and/or growing business with the generations of tomorrow.

#6 What do you enjoy most about at being at Chateau Montelena?

That it’s a family owned winery with world class wines and a fantastic reputation.  Chateau Montelena is an historic winery, a first class operation.  I’m proud to be a small part of that.

For more information about Chateau Montelena, please visit them at www.chateaumontelena.com

Thank you Anne for sharing and participating in our 60 Seconds piece.

Images of of the Woven Polypropylene reusable bag

Chateau Montelana chose the woven polypropylene bag with custom handles/piping(trim) and a flat matte finish.

Side 1


Side 2


Side View