Top 8 Most Brandable Wine Retail Promotional Products

If you run a wine shop, a tasting room or a liquor store, you probably already know the value of brandable merchandise. Instead of watching your customers walk out the door, perhaps never to return, you can offer beautiful items for sale that will keep them thinking of you as they use them again and again.

While a huge selection of potential items exists, here are the top eight most brandable items for your retail shop. Using them in your store will increase your profits as well as your brand recognition, so they learn what they are and put them to use today.

#1 Bags and Totes

First and foremost, your customers need a way to get liquor or wine from your shop to their car or home. While it’s a myth that liquor and other forms of alcohol have to be in a bag in order to be transported legally, most customers do prefer to put it in one anyway. Plus, many alcoholic purchases are gifts, so having bags on hand is a great way to offer customers added value and sell a piece of branded merch at the same time.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to bags and totes. You can buy bags to fit one bottle, two bottles, four bottles or six bottles. Popular styles include canvas and jute, as well as Euro totes, which are growing in popularity and provide a beautiful surface on which to put your business name and logo.

#2 Corkscrews and Bottle Openers

Everyone needs to be able to open those glorious bottles of wine or spirits they buy from your shop. While liquor bottles usually open easily, beer and wine can be more of a struggle. Prevent customer frustration with branded corkscrews and bottle openers that they can keep with them long-term, always reminding them of you.

Consider a professional looking tool such as the Waiter’s Wine Opener, which has a flat top surface for branding. Or you might choose the Stainless Steel Wine Opener, which pops open beer bottles as easily as it gets corks out. Don’t forget foil cutters, such as the Six Blade Foil Cutter or the Stainless Steel Wine Foil Cutter.

#3 Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are kind of a must if you’re selling wine. Often it’s fun to include a complementary glass if you host a dinner or tasting tour at your winery or gift shop, but you can also sell them on their own for customers who walk in rather than coming to an event, or for people who would like a full set to take home or give as a gift.

Don’t forget to stock a variety of wine glass shapes, too. Some are stemless for red wine drinkers who like the hold the glass in hand – among them the Whirl Aerating Wine Glass and the 9 oz. Stemless Wine Glass – while others have traditional stems. Among these are the 8 oz. Goblet Wine Glass and the 10 oz. Citation Wine Goblet, for instance.

#4 Cutting Boards

Nothing sets you up for party success quite the way a bunch of slices lemons, limes or oranges does. Help your customers get their fruit on for sangria or prep tequila backers with a wide variety of cutting boards. Popular choices include the Small Wine Bottle Bamboo Cutting Board, which is actually shaped like a bottle of vino, and the Large Bamboo Cutting Board, which is square and utilitarian while still providing a beautiful surface on which to engrave your logo.

#5 Growlers, Decanters and Carafes

Everyone loves a pretty decanter or carafe to add to their bar setup. Consider the ½ Liter Decanter, which holds 16.9 ounces of wine in a classically shaped glass bottle with an open neck and flared lip. This allows wine to breath and makes for great pours without spilling a drop. Or you might go for the ½ Liter Wine Carafe with Ledged Rim, which makes pouring easy and allows the pretty shades of red to shine through the glass.

If you own a liquor store or artisanal shop that sells beer, on the other hand, a growler station is pretty much a must these days. It’s the ideal way to introduce a larger group to your products and sell some extra branded merchandise at the same time. The 64 oz. Clear Growler, for instance, is perfect if you have a large, intricate logo, because there is plenty of glass background on which to place it, and the lovely amber colors of the beer will shine through.

Want something a bit less traditional? Try the 2L PotBelly Swing Top Growler, with an attached top assembly and a cute fat body in which to store suds. And if you just want old faithful, go for the 32 oz. Boston Round Amber Growler, brown and plain and optimal for beer.

#6 Pint Glasses

Pint glasses are standard fare at beer and liquor stores, but should be at wineries as well. Even if you don’t serve brew, customers still enjoy water while on tasting tours, so outfit your wine shop or tasting room with branded products that they can either use while they’re there or bring home. Popular options include the 16 oz. Mixing Glass and the 16 oz. Plain Can Glass.

#7 Blankets

Believe it or not, blankets are a perfect addition to a tasting room, winery gift shop or even a liquor store. Why? Because prepping for a boozy picnic is something that lots of couples do on the weekend, but the blanket always seems to get left behind! You can fix that – and maximize profits while you’re at it – with a beautiful selection of branded blankets that practically sell themselves.

For warm, fleecy appeal, try the Appalachian Sherpa Blanket. Want something a little lighter? Try the Fair Isle Blanket in fleece, or the Micro Coral Plush Blanket, super soft and perfect for cuddling. All blankets have beautiful embroidered logos in the corners, so your customers can enjoy themselves and think of you.

#8 Wine Charms

A party isn’t a party until someone has lost their drink. Customers know they can prevent that with wine charms, which is why you’re missing out if you don’t sell any at your store. Try the Cast 2-D Wine Charm, the Two Tone Wine Struck Wine Charm or the Cloisonne Wine Glass Charm, which looks lovely with your name and logo on it.

Your shop deserves to be outfitted with beautiful merchandise that will improve your sales and please your customers, so don’t wait any longer to order yours.