5 Great Twitter Apps All Winery & Brewery Owners Should Know

Twitter is a fantastic social media platform that all small business owners should use.

However, the Twitter website is not always very easy to use, particularly if you have multiple accounts or wish to access your feed through a mobile device. Luckily, there are numerous Twitter apps that you can purchase or download for free.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

#1 – Janetter

Janetter is a fantastic Twitter app to have for any business. It claims to be the best available, which is a pretty big claim to make, but there does indeed seem to be some truth to this. One of the best options that this app offers is that it allows for multiple accounts to be open at the same time.

“There’s a multi-column view, support for multiple accounts, 27 different themes, customisable fonts and display formats, wallpaper, notifications, autocomplete, keyboard shortcuts and language translation.”

Additionally, it runs on both Windows and OS-X.

#2 – Echofon Pro

One of the coolest things about Echofon Pro is that it allows you to tweet more than 140 characters, which is the one thing that sets Twitter apart from other social media platforms, but also exactly what most people don’t like about the platform. Besides this, it also has various other benefits.

“Timeline view and live streaming are lightning quick on Echofon Pro, as are push notifications. It also retains the ability to tweet over 140 characters thanks to built-in tweet extender support.”

Echofon Pro is all about delivering speed, which is something most small businesses will be looking for in particular. After all, it is about being able to send out messages quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, Echofon Pro isn’t free, but at just $4.99, it definitely is money well-spent.

#3 – Twitterific

Twitterific is a great app whether you are a business or a private user. This is because it has been designed to make sure you can get the most out of your app with as little effort as possible. One particular item of importance for businesses, however, is the color coordination it provides.

“Twitterific features what they call a “unified timeline”, with mentions and direct messages appearing in your timeline, color coded to identify them as different from tweets from people you follow.”

This matters for businesses, because it means you can easily see which messages you need to reply to. Since social media is an important method of delivering better customer services, this is a really important feature that will stop you from having to go through your feed and read everything.

#4 – Plume Premium

Plume Premium is great because it is so easy to understand and to use. One of the reasons why this one is particularly good for business is that it allows you to easily see any unread Tweets or messages, again meaning you don’t have to go through the Tweets of everybody you have followed. Additionally, it has a great Twitter to Facebook link.

“A menu that slides out on the left-hand side gives you access to search, favorites, lists and other connected Facebook and Twitter accounts.”

#5 – Hootsuite

Finally, there is Hootsuite.

“Hootsuite is a browser based social media dashboard designed for businesses who want to control multiple social media networks at once.”

This particular app allows you to do anything you want on social media platforms, including scheduling at what time you want certain messages to be sent. This is a particularly useful app for those who run online businesses and rely on sent messages to generate more leads. However, it is a great tool for absolutely anybody, because it allows for easy management in a quick and efficient manner, meaning no time has to be wasted moving from one platform to the next. Because it is known that businesses should have multiple social media accounts across all the different platforms, it quickly becomes apparent just how useful this app actually is. Downtime experienced when switching between apps may seem minimal, but over time, it builds up.