6 Best Ways to Engage Your Customers with Content Marketing

With the great importance of online marketing today, it is incredibly vital to create content on your website that provides great and useful information on a regular basis. That is the way to really engage with your customers and to build their trust so that they will become repeat customers, ones that will tell their friends about their great experience with your company.

How do you do this? You focus on content that will build your brand. And to do THAT, you need to adhere to the same editorial standards are traditional print media. If you want to really engage your customers with high quality content marketing, bear these ideas in mind:

#1 Speak the Truth!

Your content marketing work online should feature real people, situations and real emotions. Plenty of facts as well. As much as you can, your content should show and not tell. If you are a wine or beer company, you should show your product being used in the real world. Show people how much your customers enjoy their wine or their wine bag. Use case studies, client perspectives and narratives.

#2 Provide Plenty of Data

Giving data puts your content into the right context and lends credibility to your argument. You should be grounding your content marketing in facts. Provide plenty of data, research and numbers, as they are the foundation for any good article, whether it is online or in print. Of course, your ideas and spin will be part of the story in many cases.

But the most credible content is rooted in things that are real, not just in what you believe. If your beer company is discussing how one of your brands is of very high quality, go into detail about the brewing process and equipment you use. Prove with data that the way you make that beer leads to a better tasting product.

#3 Cite Your Sources

Be sure to give credit when it is due. If you are using an inforgraphic about beer and wine types from another firm, be sure to link and source that information. And if you create your own beer and wine infographic that uses someon else’s data, be sure to talk about that and cite it.

Also, if you do an interview from a customer and you directly or indirectly use what he said about your wine to promote your product, attribute it. This will not only make your customer feel good, it also shows that this information came from a customer, which your other customers will see. This lends you more credibility.

#4 Find the Best Sources

Are you writing about a new beer brewing process that your product is using? Then you should go right to the source – the people who designed the equipment. They are the ones who can really tell you how that machine works to create a better product. It is a good idea to always try to find the person who is as close to the center of your story as possible. That type of content is what makes for the best marketing.

#5 Look for Other Viewpoints and Note Them

The only thing that has a single point of view most of the time is a press release. Your content marketing will have more credibility if you offer several perspectives on the topic you are discussing.

Are you writing about wine bags and how they are environmentally friendly? You can mention other information that reports that using plastic bags isn’t as unfriendly to the environment as some people say. But then counter that information with the idea that having a cloth wine bag with your logo on it lasts much longer than a plastic bag and will be seen by many more people.

#6 Make the Customer the Hero!

The very best marketing content usually has human beings in it. This is because we are human beings and like to read information that allows us to relate. How to do this? If you are writing about a certain brand of dry red wine, do not just talk about how it is good to pair it with a porterhouse steak.

Cite a personal example from your customers, a person who chose that wine to go with his steak. Maybe have a video of how he prepared the meal with the steak and wine. Have reactions from other people at the dinner about how good that wine was with the steak. By making your content more personal with a real story and the customer the hero, you are going to really impress your potential customers.