50 Reasons Why to Use Reusable Grocery & Shopping Bags

Reusable bags are everywhere, which is awesome for both the environment and the businesses making good use of them. If you haven’t yet jumped into the game and need a little push, here are 50 amazing reasons to get your own reusable bags today.

  1. Beautiful Merchandise – Reusable bags made with quality materials and stamped with lovely logos make for beautiful merchandise, plain and simple.
  2. Tons of Brand Impressions  – Each reusable bag receives 5,938 brand impressions throughout its lifetime. Think how many people that could be, all seeing your company name and logo and thinking of you the next time they need a related product.
  3. Plastic Waste – Plastic makes up 12.8 percent of the municipal solid waste stream, and a whole lot of that is bags. Reusable bags help eliminate this waste.
  4. The Bag Tax – More and more cities in the United States and around the world are taxing plastic bags in an effort to encourage business owners to find another solution. When you use reusable bags instead, you can save yourself the extra nickels and dimes, which add up quickly.
  5. Harm to Wildlife – Paper and plastic bags ruin habitats, choke animals, make them sick and kill them. Considering most people don’t feel good about that, reusable bags are a great way to go.
  6. Marine Life – Similarly, animals and plants in the ocean are harmed by waste materials, so do your part to keep them out of the ocean by going reusable.
  7. Leached Toxins – Plastics leak toxins that are harmful to people and animals. Avoid them with quality materials like leather, jute and canvas.
  8. Difficulty Recycling – It is both expensive and not very practical to recycle plastic bags, so it rarely occurs. Paper is better at about 50 percent recycling rate, but that’s still too low for good conscience.
  9. Floods – Trash can clog sewers and storm drains, causing city-wide floods that endanger people, animals and infrastructure.
  10. Global Warming – According to the EPA, a full 42 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are generated with waste materials and landfills. By using disposable bags, in other words, you contribute to global warming. Don’t do it!
  11. Permanence of Plastic  – Plastic does not go quietly. In fact, it takes the average water bottle more than 400 years to break down, and some plastics can take thousands of years to biodegrade.
  12. Fossil Fuel Dependence – Plastic is made from fossil fuels, and increases the dependence on non-oil-producing countries on those that do.
  13. Contaminated Recycling – Even products that do get put in recycling are often contaminated, and have to be thrown in the trash anyway. The best way to keep materials out of landfill is not to create them in the first place.
  14. Paper Waste – Paper comprises even more of the municipal solid waste stream than plastic, at 27 percent. While some of this is recovered, not all of it is.
  15. Litter – Trash is a huge problem across the world. Bags that go into cupboards, cars and purses for reuse stay out of the waste stream for far, far longer.
  16. Variety of Styles – Reusable bag styles aren’t confined to the typical grocery bag size. Wine bags, for instance, come in one-bottle, two-bottle, four-bottle and six-bottle styles, and are made with a variety of different materials.
  17. Cost  – Reusable bags are cost-effective for consumers, so even if you sell yours as opposed to giving them away, they’ll likely sell well.
  18. Excellent Gift Wrap – When you want to give clients, customers, partners and friends a nice gift, reusable bags also make great gift wrap. Use them to showcase your brand and impress the people that matter to you.
  19. Shopper Incentive – Knowing you provide beautiful bags for sale or free can motivate shoppers to come do business with you.
  20. Cost to Coastal Cities – It costs cities and states a huge amount to clean up trash that washes up out of the ocean. In California, Oregon and Washington alone, the EPA estimates over half a billion dollars were spent cleaning up marine debris. Plastic is a main ocean clogger, so do your part to reduce it today.
  21. Efficient Bagging – Reusable bags typically have more structure than plastic or even paper, so are easier to use at checkout.
  22. No Ripped Handles – Strong, durable reusable bags won’t rip on the way to the car. Customers are bound to love that!
  23. Protection – Reusable bags protect goods more effectively than paper or plastic. Some, like insulated grocery wine bags, even keep products at the right temperature over long periods.
  24. Resource Depletion – When we extract nonrenewable resources for paper and plastic bags, we can’t get them back. In 2007, 60 billion metric tons of resources were extracted globally, 60 percent of them nonrenewable.
  25. Variety of Colors – Reusable bags offer lots of color and design styles, so you’re not stuck looking like everyone else when you want to be unique.
  26. Comfort – Reusable bags are more comfortable than plastic or paper bags, whose handles cut into your hands – or your customers – when they carry them.
  27. Washable – While dirty paper and plastic has to be thrown away, reusable bags can be washed out with soap and water.
  28. Ocean Pollution – Plastic is taking over our oceans, with over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris currently in world oceans, according to Ocean Crusaders. Eliminate by going reusable.
  29. Multiple Uses – In addition to transporting bottles of wine or other goods, reusable bags can also be used to store bottles, sort recycling and transport snacks and picnic items.
  30. Easy to Order – Today, ordering options are simple and effective, so it’s a no-stress process.
  31. Fully Customizable – Wine bags offer so many choices, you’ll never be stuck trying to find the right ones for you.
  32. Permanent Trash – Most trash isn’t recovered. According to the EPA, 52.8 percent of what gets discarded never gets recovered for other uses.
  33. Groundwater Protection – Plastics leak chemicals into groundwater, which your friends and family then drink. Avoid this with reusable bags that stay out of landfill much longer.
  34. Upcharge – Reusable bags are simple to sell at any upcharge, since people always want them. Care for the environment while making a profit!
  35. Wasteful Production – There is no reason for the world to produce 150 plastic bags per person annually, for every single person in the world. Do your part by getting branded reusable bags out into the world.
  36. Green Message – Using reusable bags tells the world that you care about the environment, and encourages them to do the same.
  37. Public Image – Similarly, this enhances your public image as a responsible consumer and encourages customers to shop with you and recommend you to friends.
  38. Easy Rewards – Reusable bags let you reward shoppers by discounting 5 or 10 cents every time they bring in an old bag.
  39. Effortless Marketing – Again, reusable bags receive almost 6,000 brand impressions each, which means they’re seen by lots of people out in the world without you doing anything.
  40. Mounting Problem – Despite recycling efforts and other waste-reduction strategies, the garbage problem is only getting bigger and badder. Do your part to cut it out.
  41. Slow-Degrading Paper – Paper, like plastic, degrades very slowly when trapped in landfills. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily break down more quickly than plastic.
  42. Expensive Trash Removal – Getting rid of our cities’ waste is no mean feat, and it ain’t cheap either. Some cities, such as Chicago, make residents pay steep prices for it rather than including it in city budgets. Disposable plastic and paper bags make it worse.
  43. Brand Displays – Unlike paper and plastic, you can employ reusable bags as part of your merchandise displays in your store, highlighting goods and making your shop cheerful and attractive to customers.
  44. Serious Ugliness – It’s just plain ugly to see plastic and paper bags tumbling through the streets. Honestly, they’re even ugly before you take them off the rack at the store, so why not replace them with something much prettier?
  45. Suffocation – Plastic bags are dangerous to children, and can result in suffocation.
  46. Quality – Reusable bags are stronger and longer-lasting than paper or plastic, and showcase the quality of your shop and product.
  47. Overflowing Landfills – In 2013, Americans generated more than 254 million tons of trash and recycling. By offering reusable bags to customers instead, you can help make a serious dent in that problem.
  48. Carbon Footprint – Making single-use bags require energy, and when we throw them away, we have to use the same amount of energy all over again to make more.
  49. Air Pollution – Making any type of bag produces pollution that floods our atmosphere, traps greenhouse gases and causes global warming. Make sure that the bags that do get created stick around for a long time!
  50. Deforestation – Logging accounts for 14 percent of deforestation, while fuel requirements account for an additional 5 percent. Creating, using and selling reusable bags in your shop will help lower both numbers.

If that’s not enough reasons to go green and take advantage of the benefits of reusable bags, we don’t know what is! Get your reusable bags today, or request a free quote by visiting our website or calling 760.456.5292. We look forward to helping you find the perfect merchandise for you today.