Bag and Tote Recycling for the Entire Family

Trees have been a valuable source of material that have been used in our everyday lives for generations. Trees have been used as a source of fuel for fires, as a building material and as a source of material to write and print on and much more. All of these uses have made trees one of the most useful and valuable sources of materials. However, due to use, and sometimes abuse, of trees they are being depleted at a faster rate than they can be replaced with new trees. Because of the trees starting to disappear from our environment, the need for paper recycling is at an all time high.

Paper recycling can help by reusing old paper and boxes and transforming them into new paper or boxes. The process of taking used paper and boxes and making them into usable pulp is a fairly simple process which involves using water and chemicals which removes the ink, which allows the used paper to be clean enough to go back into use. While the process is fairly simple, the most difficult part is to begin educating people about the importance of recycling. Without consumers starting to recycle, our reliance on trees will continue to deplete the supply and harm the environment.

However, everyone can help! Below please find a number of resourceful pages that deal with the problem of paper use and abuse, as well as ways describing the importance of recycling. Please share this information with your family, friends and neighbors. With everyone’s help with paper recycling, we can ensure future generations can enjoy all the benefits that are derived from trees.