A Guide to Raising Money for Charity with Wine

There is more than one way to raise money for a charity with wines. You could host a wine tasting fundraiser, hold an online wine auction, or have an all-out wine festival with live music, food, and entertainment. Here are some resources to help you raise money for charity with wine, regardless of which option you choose.

Wine Tasting Fundraisers

Wine tastings are a tried-and-true classic for raising funds with wine. Guests are typically charged an admission fee at the door, but there are other opportunities for raising money as well, such as charging vendors to sell their wares or hosting a raffle or silent auction during the event.

Create Your Own Custom Charity Wine

Private-label wines are not just for celebrities. You can have a custom wine with your own label bottled up for your charity auction or other wine fundraiser.

Online Charity Wine Auctions

Yes, you can buy and sell wine on eBay, but there are plenty of other options as well. You can run your own auction from your website, consign your wine to an online auction site, or sell it through auction listings on a site that offers nothing but wine for sale.

If you have a webmaster who can handle the technical details, buying the software to run your own auction allows you to integrate everything in one location. You can run online auctions, sell items or bundles at a flat rate, and sell tickets to in-person events through the same website. The cost could be lower too, depending on how much the software you choose costs and how much your webmaster charges to set it up. You won’t have to pay listing or consignment fees, so if you are selling a lot of wine, the cost savings could be substantial.

For a small wine auction, however, you may find that it makes more sense to  use an online wine auction service. Since these sites auction wine year round, rather than just once per year for a charity event, they have regular customers who are constantly looking for another bottle of wine. This means that your wines will be seen by people who are outside of the reach of your marketing efforts.

Auction Software

Where to Sell on Consignment

Where to Sell via Listings

Successful Charity Wine Auctions

Need some inspiration? Here are a few charity wine auctions that are raising significant funds for local charities. Check out their websites for inspiration.

Other Wine Fundraisers

Some organizations have gotten quite creative at coming up with more ways to use wine to raise money. Here are a few more options to consider.