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9 Oz. Stemless Wine Glass

Price Guide:
Minimum Order: 144
Dimensions: 9oz
Imprinted Area: 2"x1 1/8". Screen printed. Price includes 1 color
Production Time: 10 to 15 working days or 2 to 10 working days for rush service
Colors: Clear
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Product Code: OKWDH-FRFFT
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9 Oz. Stemless Wine Glass

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Product Description

9 Oz. wine glass is sure to impress guests, customers, and business associates. imprinted promotional stemware is outstanding as employee appreciation gifts, business exposure, or wedding toasts and favors. Enjoy giving this high-quality gift, sized perfectly for all dinner occasions and receptions. Serve a bottle of red or white wine in this customizable wine glass. Complies with FDA.

Editor's Notes

Stemless wine glasses are not commonly used. Wine is traditionally drank from a glass with a stem. This is because the liquid has to be protected from the warmth emitted by the drinker's hand. However, there is a notable exception to this rule. With red dessert wines and the Greek Retsina wine, in particular, the warmth of a person's hand actually enhances the flavors of the drink itself. Hence, these should be consumed from stemless wine glasses.

Our 9 oz stemless wine glass fits that bill perfectly. It is the right size and shape for these particular wines, allowing the aroma of the wine to escape and tantalize the senses and palate. It is a very popular glass among wine stores and tasting rooms, where serving a drink in the right glass is hugely popular. Additionally, it can be used for on the rocks beverages such as whiskey.

One thing that makes this glass really popular is that it can be custom-printed with a company logo or monogram. This makes it a very sophisticated-looking glass that is also a wonderful gift item, for instance, as a wedding favor. Having the glass imprinted with the name of a happy couple and the date of their wedding, for example, instantly creates a really nice and alternative wedding favor. For tasting rooms and wineries, this glass allows for greater exposure of the business. Wherever the glass goes, the name of the business goes as well. Research has shown that this is a highly effective form of marketing and advertising.

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