The Effects of Climate Change and Drought in Growing


The life cycle for plants, trees and other objects that grow in the soil is fairly simple. In order to grow properly, starting as a seed you need water and sunlight for the plant to flourish. When you have adequate light and water, plants will grow. However, when one of these are not sufficient, the plant or tree will not grow properly. In recent times the issues of climate change and global warming have created problems with the life cycle of plants and trees, and their growth has been stunted.

The global issues related to the current climate change and global warming that we are experiencing has led to problems with the atmosphere which is hindering growth. In addition, the weather conditions have been ranging from drought conditions to severe rainstorms. Both have negative effects on the growing and plant life cycles. These conditions have caused havoc with commercial growers in industries such as farming, wine making, fruit growers and others that rely on the weather to help their crops grow.

To learn more about the problems of climate change and global warming in our lives, the following resources will provide information on the topic. We hope that it helps you understand the problems that arise from drastic changes in our environment, and what can be done to help prevent these incidences from occurring.

Climate Change

Global Warming


Severe Storms

Life Cycles


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