50 Top Cocktail Blogs of 2015


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Finding the best cocktails isn’t always easy and we’re always on the hunt for a great cocktail no matter where we pony up. There are hundreds of libation ideas available, and a wide variety of places to get a drink. For people who want to mix their own drinks at home – whether for themselves or for a group of friends – locating recipes that work for them is important. They can try out a new twist on an old favorite, stick with something completely classic, or go off on an adventure to try drinks they have never experienced before.

To explore all those options, there are a number of excellent cocktail blogs with a vast list of choices, and some great drink information, as well. To all those who made our list thank you for all your great writing and ideas! This list of the top 50 is more a collection of great cocktail blogs rather than a ranking.

1. Tuxedo No.2

This cocktail guide is all about simplicity and great aesthetics. The recipes have been thoroughly tested and are easily approached by beginners and those who are more experienced. Flavor profiles and historical information add to the allure of this great blog.

2. The Drink Blog

Morgan and Alice launched The Drink Blog because they wanted to provide an outlet for people who were looking for a great drink but weren’t sure where to get one. There were plenty of places to get restaurant reviews, but someone needed to talk about the drinks.

3. Melbourne Cocktails

Focused on wild creativity, this cocktail blog has a deep commitment to quality and integrity. By taking an in-depth look at the bar scene, the blog discovers what lies beneath the surface of that scene and the great drinks that come out of it.

4. Two for the Bar

Two for the Bar was founded in 2013, and designed to illustrate the shared type of experience that can occur with the mixing of great cocktails and fine conversation. The recipes and stories intermingle to highlight cocktail culture and its value in all types of relationships.

5. Liquor.com

Liquor.com is one of the go-to sites for all things drinking. It boasts an impressive array of cocktail recipes, along with plenty of drink-related information that can be used by beginners and those who are already more experienced in the art of drink making.

6. A Dash of Bitters

Operated by Brooklyn writer and hobbyist mixer Michael Dietsch, this blog take a careful look at spirits, cocktails, liqueur, bars, bitters, and barware. With so much information all contained in one place, it’s an excellent resource for anyone who enjoys great drinks.

7. Stir and Strain

Marketed as a cocktail scratchpad, this blog is an online area to test out recipes and see what works and what doesn’t. Exploring anything of interest in the cocktail world, host Elana delves into some of the more exotic facets of bars, cocktails, and drink culture.

8. Booze Nerds

Taking an expected nerdy approach to the art of making cocktails, the blog is intellectual and just a little bit obsessive. With a writing style that combines wit and accessibility, it’s a great read for anyone who wants to explore the why and how of cocktail making in a unique way.

9. Gastronomista

The alchemy of cocktails is what this site is all about. It explores not just the way cocktails are created, but how their creation and consumption brings people together and creates memories that will last a lifetime and be very important to people in the group.

10. The Straight Up

This blog is run by Nick, who got his start in whiskey and then worked his way over to cocktails. The pre-prohibition drinks that are featured on the site are unique and different, and more modern options can also be found, along with excellent pictures and a nice design.

11. Consumatorium.com

Mixology for the rest of us. Cocktail recipes and techniques for the amateur home bartender. The images and writing are just as interesting as the easy cocktails you can make at home. The author is definitely a cocktail aficionado and his work shows.

12. Rated R Cocktails

It’s a tiki blog from Alabama, but it’s also a serious look at great cocktails. While the site may be deliberately campy, the recipes themselves are serious and enticing, providing a lot of great reasons to check out all the blog has to offer and try out some great tasting drinks.

13. Ginhound

Ginhound comes all the way from Denmark, courtesty of Andrea and her love of spirits that are juniper flavored. It’s not all she focuses on, though, and there are many great recipes to be found on the site, along with information on what she’s learned about the cocktails she tries.

14. Tempered Spirits

Ian Lauer from Atlanta runs this blog, and is highly methodical about the information he presents. He doesn’t just provide recipes. He provides an experience that surrounds each cocktail and ensures that readers get the whole story, not just a list of ingredients to mix.

15. Cocktail Virgin Slut

This blog is a drink and tell piece of information, operated by four people in Boston. It is open, honest, and refreshing, with some great recipes and information about the cocktails they have tried and the adventures they have been on to try different drinks.

16. Home Speakeasy

Home Speakeasy comes from amateur mixologists who want to try their hand at different things. The various mixes and trial and error style give readers the opportunity to follow along on the good and the bad journeys toward making some interesting and delicious drinks.

17. Intoxicology

There are a lot of sites that provide drink recipes, but not as many that also offer insight and information. This blog provides more than just ingredients lists, and can take the reader on a journey through some amazing drinks they can make to enjoy with friends.

18. The Five O’Clock Cocktail Blog

It’s always five o’clock somewhere, and this blog makes sure readers won’t be stuck without a great drink to try when the workday is over. The extensive list of different cocktails helps readers find just about anything they can think of, using their favorite liquors.

19. Cocktail Builder’s Blog

Building cocktails can be easy or hard, depending on the drink. Either way, it’s nice to have some help to build that next great drink. This blog provides that help, along with great information and a nice writing style to keep readers coming back to try new drink combinations.

20. Imbibe

Imbibe magazine has a blog that provides some excellent drink options to anyone who’s looking for something unique or wants to find a fresh take on an old classic. With all the options available, readers are sure to locate a drink recipe (or several) that they will really enjoy.

21. Alcademics

Alcademics explores a more serious side of great drinks, but it’s not stuffy. There are excellent pictures and great writing to appreciate, along with recipes that can really light up a get-together or provide a lot of relaxation at the end of a long day at work or at play.

22. Dowd on Drinks

Want to know what Dowd thinks? Dowd on Drinks provides recipes, but also great insight and information into cocktails, bars, events, and the art of mixology. With so much detail contained in one place, it’s a great read to find out more about the world and culture of cocktails.

23. The Liquid Muse

Every good creative person needs a muse. This one just happens to come in liquid form. This site provides some great inspiration for different kinds of cocktails, from the classics to unique creations that will surely pique the readers’ interest in trying something new.

24. The Cocktail Circuit

There are hundreds of different cocktails, and just as many places to drink them. Knowing where to get a great drink, or how to make one at home that tastes just as good, is what this site is all about. With great recipes and insider information, there’s something for everyone.

25. Dr. Bamboo

From having everything needed to make a great drink to traveling and taking it all along to mix drinks on the road, Dr. Bamboo provides insight into creative options for drink making. With travel-related insights and local flair, the site has something great for any reader.

26. Talk Drinks

Want to talk about drinks? So do they. Recipes are important, of course, but it’s also great to find out information about the history of the drinks, where to get them when traveling, and any tips that can be used to make a great drink even better in the future.

27. Cocktailians

With a deep and witty understanding of all things cocktail, along with great pictures and ideas, Cocktailians keeps reader interest. New recipes, great takes on old classics, and plenty of inside information all combine to create a site that’s well worth the cocktail drinker’s read.

28. Kaiser Penguin

For people who are tired of hearing about healthy eating and the food pyramid, why not try the drink pyramid? Kaiser Penguin offers some unique thoughts on drinking and cocktail culture, along with recipes that can be made right at home to please a variety of palates.

29. Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour

When the workday is done, it’s time for cocktail hour. Jimmy’s provides insight into that great tradition, along with recipes to help readers make the most of their cocktail hour each day. Old classics and new options are both excellent choices for that relaxing drink.

30. Kegworks

Making cocktails for a party or big get-together can seem completely overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At Kegworks, readers can find information that helps them make big batch cocktails, or really perfect that one drink they just have to get right.

31. Dram Apothecary

With a simple design and great visuals, Dram Apothecary provides recipes for classic and more modern drinks, along with pictures and easy to follow instructions. Beginners and more seasoned cocktail makers can both enjoy what this site has to offer.

32. Creative Culinary

This blog provides both food and drink recipes, with some amazing and unique choices for cocktails that can be enjoyed alone or paired with great dinners. No matter the experience level of the reader, there are options for excellent drinks that can really make a day brighter.

33. Team Cocktail

Team Cocktail likes to party, and likes to go on cruises. Readers can follow along and enjoy the great drink recipes, while keeping up with the team’s adventures. There are even ways that readers can join in the fun and go on cruises, as well.

34. Cocktail Hacker

Hack into those familiar cocktails and release all the great knowledge they hold. Exploring how cocktails come together and how they can be adjusted and reformed can lead to some fine new drink creations that are sure to please beginners and more experienced mixers alike.

35. Cocktail Deeva

Being a diva isn’t always a bad thing, but being a deeva is better. This site explores some of the best higher-end cocktails, along with some more casual creations that are easy to make but that taste great and can be used at nearly any occasion.

36. Art of Drink

Drinking can be an art form, when the drinks are made the right way. This site explores the fine ways to make a number of cocktails, and provides great recipes readers can use to make their own wonderful drink creations.

37. The Rum Howler Blog

Straightforward and to the point, without a lot of fluff and visual effects, this blog gives the reader plenty of in-depth information along with recipes that cna be used for a single person or a big get-together of friends and family.

38. Shake+Strain

Who doesn’t want a butterscotch cocktail? This site offers some very unique options for drinks, along with pictures, articles, and videos about events and recipes that just can’t be ignored. It’s a great way to learn more about the love of drink.

39. Baby Got Sauce

Getting sauced won’t be necessary, but it’s possible to find all kinds of good information about cocktails and other drinks on this site. With a simple design, it doesn’t rely on a lot of flair to make its case, but there are great recipes to be found there.

40. The Santa Fe Barman

When getting information about cocktails, why not get it from an actual barman? He knows his stuff, and he’s willing to teach it to his readers, with great recipes and insider tips about what to buy and how to really mix drinks that everyone will love.

41. The Drink Factory

The Drink Factory was started in 2005, and is a collective of bartenders with a like-minded attitude toward great drinks. Founder Tony Conigliaro and his contributors push the boundaries they see in traditional recipes to create something new and amazing for cocktail drinkers to experience.

42. Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Most cocktail enthusiasts recognize Jeffrey’s name, as he’s quite popular in the right circles. Whether readers have heard of him or not, though, what he has to offer is worth checking out. Plenty of great recipes for excellent cocktails can be found on his site.

43. The Intoxicologist

Making cocktails can be just as intoxicating as drinking them, and there are many wonderful reasons to mix up and enjoy a drink. Whether relaxing after a long day or spending time with friends at a great party, The Intoxicologist can help readers have a good time.

44. Liquor Snob

Not everyone likes all the changes that have taken place in the world of cocktails today. Some of the newer drinks are more like candy or a meal of sorts, and don’t always reflect past cocktail happiness. Readers can find both old and new recipes here.

45. The Cocktail Chronicles

Chronicling everything cocktail takes time and effort, and readers can find that here. The site provides great recipes, but there’s also a lot of information about where cocktails came from and where they appear to be going as drinks evolve.

46. Just Make Me Something

Ever just want something – anything – with alcohol in it? Just Make Me Something has that covered. There are plenty of excellent recipes to be found there, so readers can just make themselves or someone else something unique and different that they’ll really enjoy.

47. Cocktail Professor

Understanding cocktails isn’t necessary to drink and enjoy them, or even to mix them up, but that knowledge can be a lot of fun. The Cocktail Professor teaches readers all they need to know about great drinks and how to mix them the right way.

48. 3st of the Month

Need a drink? 3st of the Month can help. With plenty of options for great drinks, and a lot of good information about cocktail culture in general, readers of this site are sure to find what they need when it comes to the old favorites or something new and different.

49. ThirstyNYC

For readers who live in NYC, or those who just love to learn about the area and the cocktail culture there, this site is the right one. There are recipes, along with bar reviews and insider information that can be used to really get the feel of NY.

50. Infusapalooza

Infusapalooza offers great visuals to go with excellent recipes and quality writing. It’s a site that has a lot to offer, and can help both beginners and more experienced cocktail creators find what they need to make their next great drink.