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Coreline 17 Oz. Glass Wine Carafe

Price Guide:
Minimum Order: 72
Dimensions: 17 oz
Imprinted Area: 3"x1.5". Price includes 1 color, 1 location
Production Time: Please inquire
Colors: Clear
Retailer Discounts: Call 877-334-5323 to order this with a sales consultant
Product Code: NZWPH-IPLXE
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Coreline 17 Oz. Glass Wine Carafe

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Product Description

Coreline, 17 Oz., Glass Bottle, Beverage Holder, Tapered Body, Tapered Neck, Wine Holder, Transparent, Weighted Base

Editor's Notes

For many people, few things are better than simply relaxing on an evening in a great location with a delicious glass of wine. Though serving wine out of any standard bottle may be a fine enough experience for some people, you could choose to give your clients and customers a sample of first-class treatment by pouring their drink from a glass carafe, like the Coreline 17 Oz. Glass Carafe.
This particular glass carafe comes with a tapered neck, tapered body and weighted base for stability. Stunning to look at and elegant in any circumstances, these pieces of glassware serve a wonderful function for connoisseurs of the finer things in life. They also ensure that you never waste a drop of perfect wine that can't be left simply sitting in an old, abandoned bottle.
The Coreline 17 Oz. Glass Carafe comes with the option of a single imprint in one color on one area of the glass. With this optional extra, you can effectively advertise the elegance and sophistication of your establishment to the very best of your ability. Imagine pouring your customers a glass of delectable red or white wine from a beautifully crafted glass carafe. Consider how they will see your establishment after they see your name emblazoned on the side, and think about the way that they will associate pure elegance with your business thereafter. The Coreline beverage holder is a practical and aesthetically appealing addition to any bar, kitchen, restaurant or cafe, and the ideal option for those hoping to portray sophistication and grace.

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