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Stainless Steel Secur-Seal Champagne/Wine Stopper

Price Guide:
Minimum Order: 48
Imprinted Area: 1"" w x 1/2"" h. Laser engraved. Price includes 1 location
Production Time: 10 to 15 working days
Colors: Stainless Steel Silver
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Product Code: BZBRC-FISLT
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Stainless Steel Secur-Seal Champagne/Wine Stopper

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Product Description

This stainless steel stopper fits over any champagne or wine bottle. Turn the “”T”” handle at the top in a clockwise direction. This compresses an internal rubber gasket which expands within the bottle neck for a good, tight seal. 1 7/8″” W x 2 7/8″” H

Editor's Notes

Our stainless steel secur-seal champagne and wine stopper fits over any standard bottle of champagne or wine. It features a T handle at the top, which you should turn in a clockwise direction to close the bottle. When turned, an internal rubber gasket is compressed, which then expands within the bottle neck. This creates a good, tight seal. The stopper, available in stainless steel silver, measures 1 7/8" in width by 2 7/8" in height. The vast majority of wine bottles now come with twist caps, which means there is no more need for stoppers at all. However, some red wines in particular are still corked, and these require a wine stopper if the wine is to stop from going off. As soon as red wine comes into contact with oxygen, it starts to oxidize, which means it turns into vinegar. The stopper, however, is also suitable for champagne bottles, which are all still corked. Champagne is one of the bubbliest types of wine, which is why it is often referred to as "bubbly". If the bottle is open, the bottles will be able to escape, leaving the champagne flat and undrinkable. While the vast majority of people will finish a bottle of champagne after opening, they will need a stopper should they decide to keep some. Furthermore, if they do not empty the bottle straight away but rather pour new glasses, then a stopper is also required to preserve the integrity of the drink. This is why our stainless steel Secur-Seal champagne/wine stopper is popular with restaurant owners and domestic users alike.

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