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Stainless Steel Dripless Pourer & Stopper

Price Guide:
Minimum Order: 48
Imprinted Area: 1/2"" w x 3/16"" h. Metal laser. Price includes 1 location
Production Time: 10 to 15 working days
Colors: Stainless Steel Silver/Black
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Product Code: WXUXC-DELUN
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Stainless Steel Dripless Pourer & Stopper

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Product Description

Stops wine from dripping when poured. Pour without worrying about stained table linen. Great for restaurants, tasting rooms and home use. Silicone sleeve adjusts to inside of all bottle necks. Includes new stopper made of food-safe rubber. 1 1/4″” H x 1 1/4″” Diameter

Editor's Notes

If you've been looking for something truly unique to add an extra something special to your company, then this could be the answer. This fantastic Stainless Steel Dripless Pourer and Stopper prevents wine from drinking when it's poured. That means you can enjoy a constant pour at any time without having to worry about stains on natural wood or table linen. The unique design of this pourer and stopper means that it can work not only to keep your wine fresh and aerated when you aren't using it, but it can also help you to pour more effectively in a commercial setting such as a restaurant or bar. The functionality and exceptional performance of this accessory means that it's great for everything from restaurants, to tasting rooms in wineries, and even regular home use. Whether you use it as a way to add something special to your commercial space such as a restaurant, bar or cafe, or you turn to the stainless steel dripless pourer and stopper to show your most valued customers how much you appreciate their custom with an incredible gift or subscription bonus, this beautiful accessory is sure to get the job done. The silicone sleeve included with the stopper adjusts to the inside of all bottle necks - so you can rest assured that you'll get the perfect fit no matter what you're pouring. What's more, it also includes a new stopper that is made of food-safe rubber. This item measures at 1 1/4 inches in height and 1 1/4 inches in diameter.

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