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1/2 Liter Decanter 16.9 Oz

Price Guide:
Minimum Order: 72
Dimensions: 16.9 Oz
Imprinted Area: 2 1/2"x2 1/2", 9 3/4" wrap. Screen printed. Price includes 1 color
Production Time: 8 to 10 working days
Colors: Clear
Retailer Discounts: Call 877-334-5323 to order this with a sales consultant
Product Code: RBBPJ-GIFFO
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1/2 Liter Decanter 16.9 Oz

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Product Description

1/2 Liter, 16.9 Oz., Transparent, Narrow Neck, Open Top, Flared Lip, Wide Mouth, Wine Holder, Glass, Round

Editor's Notes

Our 1/2 liter decanter can serve a number of different purposes. It is highly popular in restaurants, where customers are given the opportunity to purchase a half bottle of wine, rather than being forced to opt for a full bottle. It is also popular in florists, where the decanter can actually be used as a beautiful and unusual vase. Finally, it is used in various types of stores, including kitchenware stores and wineries, for instance, as people want to have decanters in their home.

Essentially, the 1/2 liter decanter serves a specific purpose that people are actually looking for, which makes it very popular. However, what sets this one apart is that it can also be used as a promotional tool. This is because the bottle can actually be screen printed with a company's name and/or logo. It is a stand out from the crowd decanter with a narrow neck, open top, flared lip and wide mouth. Made from glass and round in shape, it has a particularly modern look about it.

Many restaurants have their name printed on the decanter to advertise themselves during a meal, in the same was as they may have their name printed on their menu. Wine stores, for instance, are now even using this decanter as a promotional gift if someone makes a purchase over a certain amount, for instance, or for the host of a wine tasting event. In so doing, they guarantee that their store continues to be advertised to a wider audience.

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