Five Beer Styles You Need To Know

How many styles of beer can you name? And more importantly, what kind of beer do you like? Do you even know? The Beer Boys from Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube walk us through five styles of beer you should know so you can have some cred when facing 20 tap handles.

The Beer Boys in this episode go through what I think are some great beer basics.

Act 1 is Lager.

Think crisp, easy on the palate, and “sessionable”.  Sessionable referring to being lower in alcohol and easily consumed over a period of time.  Make sense?

Next up is Mild Beer.

Think brown ales that are low in hops, yet have toasty malts and relatively low alcohol. Some also consider these to be sessionable.

IPA.  What is that you ask? India Pale Ale.

Here is where you start to separate the men from the boys. IPA’s have a strong hoppy flavor, high alcohol content, and tend to be golden to reddish amber in hue.

Next stop is Wheat Beer.

Those who are die hard Lager drinkers can easily transition to a wheat beer.  This German style beer is a little cloudy, wheaty and has very little hop bitterness. Wheat beer should be consumed icy cold.

Then there is Porter.

This is a very dark beer with lots of toasted malts. Porter can be relatively mild to very strong. They tend to run above 5% alcohol, so do proceed with caution.

Enjoy the video and find out which celebrity is most like which beer.