9 Awesome Sommelier’s Who Blog

Then it comes to wine knowledge, a certified Sommelier is the person who you want to get your information from. They are trained wine professionals, and are knowledgeable about every thing wine related.  They are pro’s on wine selection and food pairing as well as vintages and varietals. Don’t ever be intimidated to ask for a good bottle recommendation it will always make a difference as well as offer a different perspective even if you know your a thing or two about your grapes.

#1 Tim Gaiser, Master Sommelier

Tim Gaiser, Master Sommelier – This master of wines displays his thoughts in a tasteful manner, using quality writing and high-quality photos to give you an artistic impression.
Highlight: Tasting and Synesthesia: the Outliers

#2 The Glamorous Gourmet

The Glamorous Gourmphanie Miskew is a certified Sommelier and wine educator.  This blog has wine reviews, educational content, and news about wine events.
Highlight: 5 New Year’s Wine Resolutions for 2014

#3 The Sommelier Update

The Sommelier Update – Jim Newcomb is a certified Sommelier and founder of the Arrowhead Wine Enthusiast Club.
Highlight: Cahors = Côt = Malbec

#4 Brunellos Have More Fun

Brunellos Have More Fun – This Brunette Sommelier has fun with writing and being a podcast host. She is a traveler and blogger from Los Angeles California.
Highlight: Cake and Bubbly

#5 Drunk On The Moon

Drunk On The Moon -This is a serious wine blog from the head Sommelier from Bar Boulud.  He talks about the best wines he has opened, and where to find great wines at a great price.
Highlight: The 5 Best Under $30 Bottles I’ve Opened This Year (Reds)

#6 Andrea Wine

Andrea Wine – Andrea Robinson is a world-renowned Master Sommelier.  She makes the daunting and complex subject of wine and food easy to understand and enjoy.
Highlight: Andrea’s Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

#7 Fermented Thoughts

Fermented Thoughts – This blog is from a certified sommelier who takes his readers on a journey of sight and thought through wine, food and travel
Highlight: The French Do Things Differently…

#8 CorkBuzz.com

CorkBuzz.com – Master Sommelier, Laura Maniec, shares easy to read wine information and event info about her wine studio CorkBuzz.
Highlight: Back to Basics: How Long Does a Wine Stay Good After Opening?

#9 Fernando Beteta

Fernando Beteta – This is a blog for the serious wine enthusiast.  Fernando shares his knowledge of terroir, growth maps and climate for optimal growth, as well as his favorite wines.
Highlight: Vineyard Exposure. Why it’s important. Using Google Earth to show you.