7 Wine Apps for Hardcore Wine Enthusiasts

If you are a wine lover, the Internet is definitely your friend! These days, there are many excellent resources online for the hardcore wine enthusiast. Some of the most recommended iPhone apps for the wine enthusiast include these 7:

#1 Snooth Wine Pro


This app is really the next generation of wine apps. It actually has image recognition technology. It allows you to take a picture of the wine label. Then, you can match it to one of the vintners in the huge wine database in the app. From there, you are able to read about the wine and user reviews. You don’t need to even open the bottle.

#2 Hello Vino


This iPhone app is akin to your very own sommelier, which will provide you with wine recommendations for when you feel like matching it to a certain food, taste or special occasion. For instance, do you want to find a good wine to go with your Thanksgiving turkey? This app will recommend several chardonnays to pair with your roasted bird.

#3 Pair It


This is a great app if you want to figure out how to pair a wine with various foods. It is the creation of wine expert Bruce Riezenman. It offers you more than 20,000 potential matches, including 180 varietals and 1,000 food items. You are able to match by food and wine, or you can choose the ‘slot machine’ and it will make a match for you.

#4 AG Wine


This is a really information rich app that helps you to learn about styles of wine, appellations, varieties of grapes and how to pair food with wine. It has a very intuitive and easy to use screen. You can select where you live, and then search for good wine options based upon where you live. You can choose many types of red wine, for example, from bold and full bodied to smooth and medium bodied.

#5 Wine Events


If you are wine drinker, you know that this is a very social activity and is enhanced by drinking with other wine drinkers. If you like to go to wine tastings and you want to know about local wine events, this is a good app for you. It is simple, but it gives you many listings of tastings for spirits and wines in your area.

#6 Wine Wherever


Can you imagine driving along in California wine country and wanting to just stop and sample various wines? But you may not know where the wineries are and you could waste much time just trying to find the wineries. This app will give you a total listing for all wineries in a certain area. It gives you its name, address, phone, and URL.

#7 Wine Notes


What if you try a wine, and you want to remember all of the details of the drinking experience? This app gives you a template so that you can record all the relevant facts about your wine experience. There are fields for producer, varietal, vintage, rating, color and more. There also is a cool visual guide for the wine flavors you taste. Some of these include berry, oak, raisin, nutmeg and more.

If you use one or more of these wine apps for your iPhone, you will be able to really improve your wine knowledge. Try one out today!