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Leather Wine Bags & Totes

Leather: a versatile material that looks good no matter what. Whether you’re wearing casual picnic wear and headed out of town or opting for full-on fancy attire, you can sling a leather bag over your shoulder and no one will raise an eyebrow. That makes this a perfect material, of course, for housing a bottle or two of wine, as do the leather wine bags below.

Ripstop Two Bottle Wine Bag

Wine bag. 600D polyester/600D ripstop nylon, 2 bottles. (JNWDP-IUKER)

Price Guide: $$$

Min Quantity: 50

Colors: Black

1 Liter PVC Lined Leather Curved Bota Bag

Red braided shoulder strap. (KGXUF-CDUMW)

Price Guide: $$$

Min Quantity: 36

Colors: Brown/Black Trim/Red Trim

Soleil Double Tote w/Soft Suede Lining

Sophisticated double bottle carrier with soft suede lining and zippered side openings. (LEYVD-KJGXY)

Price Guide: $$$$

Min Quantity: 12

Colors: Purple, Orange Floral

Double Wine Tote Leather Bag

Magnetic snap opening to water resistant lined interior with center divider to hold two wine bottles. Double handles for easy carrying. Full grain Colombian leather. (RPBBG-HAFTO)

Price Guide: $$$$$

Min Quantity: 6

Colors: Chocolate Brown, Black, Saddle Brown

Hook ‘n Loop Double Wine Carrier Bag

Top opening with hook 'n loop strap closure opens to water resistant lined interior with center divider to hold two wine bottles. Full grain Colombian leather. (CEZPK-HAFWF)

Price Guide: $$$$$

Min Quantity: 4

Colors: Saddle Brown, Black, Chocolate Brown

Single Deluxe Wine Carrier Bag

Hidden magnetic snap opening to water resistant lined interior. Top handle for easy carrying and adjustable/ removable shoulder strap. Full grain Colombian leather. (SGYTB-FHSVO)

Price Guide: $$$$$

Min Quantity: 6

Colors: Chocolate Brown, Black, Saddle Brown

Snap Handle 2 Wine Bottle Tote

Snap handled wine tote is an attractive way to carry your bottles. Interior has faux suede lining and the divider is removable to allow for larger smaller bottles. Leather "laces" tie under handle to secure tops of bottles better. Center seam detail on front only. (RBUWC-GISWH)

Price Guide: $$$$$

Min Quantity: 4

Colors: Black, Cafe Brown

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Stocking the Leather Wine Bag

Wine is a perfect accompaniment to almost any activity. Okay, maybe not finishing up those expense reports, but most other pastimes benefit from a glass of vino in hand. Imagine a sunset meal in the park, a weekend hike, a golf get-together or a trip to your favorite cabin. If you want to really go all out, imagine pedaling round Italy or jumping on a ferry between Wales and Ireland. In none of these situations would a beautiful leather tote go amiss, especially not when it’s carrying your favorite bottle of red or white … or a yet-to-be-experienced vintage from a recent find.

All About Leather Wine Bags

That begs the question, if you’re going to carry wine around with you, how should you stock that leather bag to make sure you’re always ready when the urge to imbibe strikes? We have a few suggestions, never fear. First, a corkscrew is an absolute must. For smaller leather bags, such as those that carry only a single bottle, you’ll want to find a teeny option. Think the kind that fold up into a little metal rectangle the size of a pocketknife.

Although you can certainly open a bottle of wine using just the corkscrew, it always help to have a foil cutter on hand. Not only does it make the opening easier, but some people like to preserve the foil tops of special bottles as a memento. If that’s you, a foil cutter might be a necessity. Other ideas? A pour spout to direct wine into small glasses without spilling a drop. Or perhaps a few napkins (paper or cloth), a thermometer and maybe a couple of glasses. If you want enough room to store them all, check out our Leather Wine Tote or Wine Tote Leather options (two different things, promise!).

It may take a little prep work to assemble these items, but once you’ve got your leather traveling case stocked, you won’t look back. Never again will you desire a drink you’re not prepared for! If you’re giving away leather bags to clients or customers, pass on these ideas to them so they can benefit from thinking ahead, or consider keeping already stocked bags in your store, like the leather totes mentioned above.

Keeping Wine Cool On the Go

The most important part of a traveling wine bag? Keeping the wine at the right temperature, of course. One secret trick is covering the bottle with wet toilet paper to encourage evaporation and keep the wine cool. If this seems a little … odd, then you can always opt for foil, which does the same job while using fewer bathroom supplies. Or you can insert a little ice pack. A thermometer can really help you here, so that’s a good reason to keep one in your leather wine travel bag.

Cleaning Leather Wine Bags Properly

Of course, all good things must come to an end. Eventually you’ll find yourself back at home, with another empty bottle of wine for the memory rack. While you’re emptying those empties, be sure to check your leather case for any signs of dirt or debris that might compromise the quality of the leather over time. Pull bits of foil and old napkins out of the case and throw them away, and tuck corkscrews, foil cutters and pour spouts back where they. Wash glasses, if applicable, and put them back in their compartments.

Now for the leather itself. There are several ways you can clean it, advises the DIY Network. You can use saddle soap and a microfiber cloth to buff it to a nice sheen. If you don’t want to buy specialty soap, just use a little moisturizing soap and a damp cloth to lather the leather and then wipe off. No need to rinse: rubbing the soap in will protect the leather and make it glow.

Trouble with spots? Combine one part lemon and one part cream of tartar (say, a tablespoon each) to form a thick paste, then rub it onto the spot and let sit. If you need to wait a few hours on tricky stains, go ahead and do so, then come back a few hours later and try again. If leather looks like it’s getting stiff and cracked, try a mixture of one part white vinegar with two parts linseed oil, shake well in a jar, then apply over the surface of the leather and let sit for half a day. Afterward, come back and buff with a soft, clean cloth, switching out the cloth when it gets dirty.

These tips will help anyone keep their leather wine bag clean, soft, supple and stain-free. If you hand out bags to customers or clients, or offer them for sale at your store, it’s always a good idea to be in the know about leather cleaning so you can offer advice to those who ask for it. That way, you’re just adding value to value.


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