7 Best Ways a Reusable Bag Can Help Build Your Business

Reusable bags have taken over. It’s a rare grocery chain that doesn’t offer it’s own these days, and they’re making their way into many retail shops. If you haven’t already jumped on the reusable bag bandwagon, now’s the time.

Still not convinced? Reusable bags help you do more than simply keep up with the Joneses. In addition to being attractive and functional, they also:

#1 Make You Look Green

The whole point of reusable bags, in the beginning, was to give consumers a way to transport their goods from here to there without creating waste. Even though reusable bags have become a prime marketing tool for many businesses, they still accomplish this initial goal. Branded wine bags that customers can use over and over again to carry purchases or give as gifts make you appear very environmentally responsible.

Believe it or not, there is even evidence to show that taking your business’s growth and profits seriously actually impacts the environment for the better. In other words, as the title of this article indicates, the environmental responsibility of businesses is to increase their profits. So using reusable bags as a marketing tool not only makes you look green, it makes you actually green as well!

#2 Do Your Marketing for You

Did you know that customized reusable bags receive a whopping 5,938 impressions each throughout their lifetime. That means that for each bag you sell or give away, it will receive almost six thousand views from people who could very well become your customers.

When you give away or sell reusable bags to your clients and customers, they take them home and use them again and again. Each time they do, that’s a chance for their friends and family or even passing strangers to get a glimpse of your business name and logo and possibly make a connection with you.

#3 Add to Attractive Displays

In addition to being an excellent part of your marketing plan, reusable wine bags are just plain good-looking. If you want to get a bit more branded collateral into your store displays, these are a prime way to do it. Consider laying bags out on a table along with wine bottles and other wine-related items, such as corkscrews or decanters. You can also hang them in bunches along a wall or set real bottles inside them to show customers what they look like filled with your delicious libations.

Want some more tips on setting up great store displays? Read this mini-manual on visual merchandising, courtesy of Shopify. It will help you get inspiration, appeal to all of your shoppers’ senses rather than simply the sense of sight, show a story rather than tell it, use lighting well and overall convey a sense of refined taste.

#4 Make Good Swag for Events

Conventions, trade shows and big conferences are all great places to meet new clients and customers, forge business relationships and build your brand. Wine bags make the perfect icebreaker, prompting people to ask about your business and keep thinking about it later once they take the bag home.

#5 Are Affordable and Easy to Mark Up

Wondering about the best price at which to set your retail items? A lot of factors go into how retail brands mark up goods, and if you’re new to the game, don’t worry or let the overwhelm drag you down. Instead, read this handy guide for more information. If even that seems too complicated, simply choose a price that recaptures the money you spent to purchase the item plus a little extra. Once the merchandise begins selling, you’ll get a better feel for what customers are willing to pay and what you can afford to sell items for.

#6 Make Perfect Gift Wrapping

Sometimes rather than selling an item, you want to give it away to clients, customers, business partners and friends to show your appreciation or curry favor in an attempt to build a real relationship. Unique branded wine bags do a nice job. Consider environmentally friendly and beautiful jute wine tote bags, or perhaps a more classic bag in leather.

If you like to give wine away to customers or clients over the holidays or for special events (birthdays or signing a new contract, for example), customized wine bags also make classy wrapping paper. Simply slip in a bottle or two and a nice note, and chances are you’ve got a customer for life.

#7 Can Be Sold in Bulk

Lastly, reusable bags can be sold in bulk. If you’re a winery or a larger distributor, this is a significant advantage, because smaller shops or artisanal stores will want to sell your bottles along with a branded bag. By buying large amounts of custom wine bags in bulk and then selling smaller amounts of them at a marked-up price, you can not only increase profits, you can increase the amount of branding you put out into the world.

When buying bulk wine bags, try to keep your customers in mind. Are they tiny shops that will likely benefit from branded one-bottle bags? Or are they larger suppliers that might find two-bottle or even four-bottle bags more useful? Put the customer’s desires first and you’ll increase sales even more.

Bottom line? Think of reusable bags kind of like a website. They help customers find you, provide lots of marketing potential and look good while doing it. However, just like a website, reusable bags actively work against you if you don’t have them. Customers expect, well, customization, and not having it tells them you don’t take your business as seriously as your competitors do.

Don’t send that message. Instead, check out the many reusable wine bag options available to you today. If you like, you can request a custom quote or speak to one of our representatives about your bag choices. No matter what you decide, here at WineBags.com, our first priority is always helping you build your business.